Our Destiny

from by Dusty Stray



Sailing a-sailing over the blue
Trying to block out flashes of you
Under the water I think I can see
Hundreds of fish there look up at me
I lured her to bite my bait
Didn’t even hesitate
Put my hook into her skin
Then I reeled her in

Struggled – I struggled to no avail
Trying to get her into that pail
I had to leave her there on the deck
Flipping and flopping and gasping for breath
When I poured water on her gills
What I saw gave me the chills
She was partly human being
Then I heard her sing

She sang so strangely, weak and unclear
Tunes full of mystery, sorrow and fear
So I removed the hook from her cheek
She stopped her singing and started to speak
“Look what you have done to me
Please put me back in the sea
I don’t belong here with you”
“Oh, but yes you do”

I took off my shirt and showed her my scales
Pulled down my pants and revealed my tail
I said, “Don’t worry”, looked into her eyes
“I’m really sorry”, she said, “It’s all right”
“I’ve been searching all my life
To find someone I look like
Now it all makes sense to me
This must truly be our destiny”


from Light Years Away, released October 17, 2011



all rights reserved


Dusty Stray Boulder, Colorado

DUSTY STRAY features the alt-folk repertoire of Texan songster Jonathan Brown which delves into universal themes of unrequited love, heartbreak, loneliness and death but (almost) always with a small dose of hope and redemption.

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